Caceres sets up health care for parishioners

The Archbishop of Caceres has approved through Circular No. 24 dated June 22, 2010 the proposal of the Archdiocesan Commission on Health Care for an Archdiocesan Ministry for the Handicapped, Elderly and Dying by setting up in every parish a Committee on Health Care as part of the Parish Pastoral Council.

This health system is mandated in the Second Archdiocesan Pastoral Council of Caceres (APCC II), which provides that “ the Archdiocesan Commission on Health Care should promote medical health programs and study the possibility of putting up a Catholic Health System through linkages through pertinent agencies.”

The description and functions of the  committee are as follows:

The Committee on Health Care is described as responsible for extending the work of the Church through health care and charity services in the parish.

Its functions: To provide medical and charity programs and services preferentially for the poor and the economically disadvantaged patients and the proper exercise of pastoral care to bring comfort and healing powers through the sacraments for the spirit, mind and body of patients and personnel alike;

To create a system of on-going and cooperative formation, education and training among health care and charity service providers in such wise that Christian servanthood, professionalism and service effectiveness are consistently and efficiently actualized.

To enable the patients and personnel alike in health care and charity services facilities to offer the presence of Christ through their witness to the mystery of faith -life, passion, death and resurrection.

Discussed and agreed upon in the clergy assembly on May 25, 2010 at the Parish of St. Francis Xavier, Halawig-gogon, Goa, Camarines Sur was that a priest or deacon should serve as the “vicarial infirmarian” of priests/deacons in the vicariate. He should facilitate the admission of the cleric-patient to the hospital, follow-up his health condition and update the Archbishop and Vicar Forane about the cleric’s condition.

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