Estrada and VP Binay came, P-Noy’s Inaugural address and Davide’s Appointment



I attended the oath-taking ceremonies of the local elected officials and PDA Board of Directors of the 4th congressional district of CamSur at the Abo Sports Complex in Tigaon on July 4, 2010. Former President Joseph Estrada, Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay, Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada, Ambassador Ernesto Maceda and Congressman Ompong Plaza graced the occasion. They were warmly and enthusiastically received. Senator Estrada administered the oath of the Councilors and Vice Mayors. Vice President Binay administered the oath of the Mayors and Provincial Board Members.

In his speech, VP Binay expressed his great thanks to the people of the district where he and Erap won overwhelmingly. He said he is grateful to President Estrada because he make him as his vice presidential teammate and because of this he became the Vice President. He said it was Cong. Noli Fuentebella who backed  him up to Erap while they were in Hongkong. Binay promised to help the district and province in whatever way he can.

The Vice President said it is not only in Makati where there are political dynasties. These exist because the families like the Fuentebella, Binay, Estrada and others have done good things for the people. Otherwise, they will not vote for them in their second or next terms. Binay jokingly said he won because he has many “kasing”: Kasing edad meaning senior citizens at 60 and above, kasing itim and kasing baba. “Meaning he is not mestizo and not tall, and there are many Filipinos like him. The VP said we should all unite and support the Aquino administration to attain progress.

President Erap administered the oath of the PDA Board of Directors and spoke later. He thanked the people and also said “Binay won because there is a Black Sto. Niño.”

Senator Jinggoy Estrada also thank  the people profusely, for voting him Number One among the senatorial candidates. He said he is willing to pour his pork barrel in the district. Previously, he gave P2.5 million for the Infirmary of Tigaon. Binay also gave an ambulance, computers and many books for the municipality of Tigaon which has a sister agreement with Makati City.

I watched the inaugural address of President Noynoy Aquino on TV and I can say it was a good speech, full of promises, strongly delivered. I did not vote for P-Noy but I wish him success for the sake of our nation. Let’s wait for him to fulfill his promises.

While I wish President Aquino success, I am a bit disappointed that he has not or not yet appointed our provincemate Mayor Jess Robredo as Secretary of the DILG. Qualification wise and politically, Robredo is not wanting. He was the only big leader in the province who campaigned for Noynoy-Roxas team. The big politicians supported other candidates but Aquino and Roxas won in the province except in Partido District, District of Cong. Noli Fuentebella, where Erap and Binay won with a big majority. But this showed Robredo has leadership.

The appointment of former Chief Justice of the SC Hilario Davide as head of a Truth Commission makes me wonder if it will accomplish his objective  of punishing grafters and corrupt officials of the past administration. Maybe P-Noy has not read the book “Shadow of Doubt” by Marites D. Vitug about the Supreme Court particularly the chapter “Mortal Combat.”  It’s about the lack of transparency on the Judiciary Development Fund and how it was used and or misused.

Beside this, Justice Davide is very close to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The Supreme Court, he headed ruled that President Joseph Estrada constructively sign” even if he did not resign as he filed a leave of absence and there are no such words as “constructively resigned” in the Constitution as basis to show that the position of President was vacant. He inducted Vice President Gloria M. Arroyo to be President.

President Gloria M. Arroyo saved Davide from undergoing an impeachment trial by letting her allies in Congress prevent the transmission of the approved  impeachment complaint of the House to the Senate. Upon his retirement in 2005, GMA appointed Davide as Presidential Adviser on Electoral Reforms. Then GMA appointed him as the Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations which he assumed even without being confirmed by the Commission on Appointments.

With this kind of successive appointments and close ties with President Gloria M. Arroyo, many people are also wondering if he will be objective as head of the Truth Commission. It would be better if P-Noy appointed either retired Chief Justices of the Supreme Court Reynato Puno or Artemio Panganiban to this Truth Commission. Let’s watch if P-Noy’s appointees have integrity, delicadeza and will follow the Constitution and pursue his often repeated “Tamang Landas”.


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