” If one of you says to him, ” Go, I wish you well;  keep warm and well fed, ” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? ”  James 2:16

In the rural town where we grew up in, we almost and always know who are neighbors are. Some parents are the godparents of one or two of my siblings, whose children are, in turn, either the baptismal or wedding godchildren of our parents. We were so happy. Irrespective of our ages, we consider each other as playmates. We got invited to each other’s simple birthday parties. We go on excursions together…

When some of my siblings started living in a metropolitan place for higher studies, we discovered that people don’t know  who their neighbors are. We were told to mind our own business and not to be a bother to any of them. For, we do not know where they come from and, good or bad, what they are doing. Thats how the neighborly system works in this place PERIOD.

In this manner, life is peaceful. We pursued our own individual interests and concerns. But, sometimes, it becomes very boring. We always yearn for the old and familiar neighborly atmosphere we all grew up in.

This is even one of the reasons why I decided to enter the seminary. I told myself that I want to live in a place wherein I  practically knew everyone. We have a big open dormitory wherein beds are lined up in two flowing rows. We can see each other the whole day.  For years, we live and grow up with the same bed neighbors. That,we become so close , as batchmates.

After sometimes, thanks to technology. Its a great help. Life, for us, become very convenient. It brought down all the walls separating all of us far from each other and, then, interconnected us. We all become global neighbors. Now, only virtual lines and spaces separate peoples. With the right and correct use of it, technology offers us a way by which we can be friends with almost anyone. We can rediscover long lost friends, classmates, neighbors, colleagues…  We can even support a cause that interests us. All we just need to do is to be patient and do it in the proper way.

Being very intrusive is, sometimes, one of the downside of it. Everyone can monitor ones whereabouts, either in an online or roaming mode. Just see it positively. Life is so precious. People, who knows us, are just concern. Every second counts. Every moment, an unexpected event transpires somewhere. People would just like to get involve and know that we are all well and alright. In this way, life, for all of us, will really be live in happiness and peace.


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