Camarines Norte braces for water shortage


DAET, Camarines Norte — Water shortage in some parts of the province, particularly those covered by Camarines Norte Water District (CNWD), is expected to get worse in the coming months starting July until November this year when surface water source reach a critical low level caused by the long dry spell during the summer months, an official of the water utility office here said.

CNWD General Manager Maria Antonia Boma said that because of the impending water shortage, the development of the first surface water source in San Lorenzo Ruiz is now being fast tracked for additional supply of 6,000 cubic meters yield per day.

Although the dry spell has been officially declared over by PAGASA, the effects of El Niño are still evident in some areas in the province as water production from spring sources continue to decline causing water shortage affecting the far end and elevated points of the service area, she said.

Boma explained that the shortfall in rainwater during the past months has resulted to reduction of almost 50 percent of spring yields from the 24,000 cubic meters daily production to only 12,000 cubic meters per day adversely affecting the water supply in many parts of the seven municipalities.

She said that other reason for the decline in water supply is aggravated by the recurrence of erratic water pressure resulting from air lock caused by half filled transmission lines.

Boma also warned those who use unregister water pumps that under Rule IX, Section 30 of Prohibitions and Penal Provisions of the Revised Utility Rules and Regulations Governing the Operations of the CNWD, it is specified that the installation of booster pumps, steam boiler, cooling and heating apparatuses or devices and such other appliances without special permits from the water district is strictly prohibited.

She added that using those apparatuses impeded the normal flow of water thus affecting water supply in the neighborhood.


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