Naga’s unique traffic Penalty:’Blood for Fine’


NAGA CITY — They shall be emulated for the good deed they extended, not for the traffic violation they have committed.

Through City Ordinance 2007-021, traffic violators may settle their administrative fine for violation of traffic rules and regulations by donating blood and thus help in saving the lives of others.

Also dubbed as “Blood for Fine” ordinance, the measure has been on its third year of implementation now and is being cited as one of the city’s effective approaches to meet the objectives of the Naga City Blood Program and Republic Act 7719, otherwise known as the National Blood Services Act of 1994, while helping to bring order in the streets.

The city’s “Blood for Fine” ordinance, which was authored by City Councilor Nathan Sergio, seeks to facilitate voluntary blood donation as alternative mode of settlement of administrative fine for violation of traffic rules and regulations that range from P500 up to P1,000.

Public Safety Office Executive Officer Joselito SA Del Rosario said an average of 15 traffic violators every month have been submitting for voluntary blood donation under said ordinance. He said the ordinance has been regarded by the local motorists and residents as a welcome development because “they are given the opportunity to save life by way of voluntary blood donation.”

Section 3 of the ordinance provides that the apprehended traffic violator or blood donor, however, should be determined as medically qualified and physically fit by a physician at the City Health Office or the Naga City Hospital.

The flow of transaction for the voluntary blood donation under this ordinance:

Upon apprehension, the traffic violator shall be informed by the law enforcer of the option to donate blood voluntarily or to pay the corresponding fine.

If the traffic violator elects to pay in cash the stipulated fine, he has only three working days after the apprehension to do so. However, if the traffic violator opts to donate blood, he has seven days to do so. Otherwise, his traffic violation case shall be forwarded to a local court for appropriate judicial hearing and penal sanction.

If the traffic violator elects to donate blood, he shall be advised by the apprehending officer to proceed either to the City Health Office or to the Naga City Hospital, for purposes of determining whether he is medically qualified or physically fit.

There, the City Health Officer or the Chief of Hospital, acting in person or through authorized representatives, shall ask the violator to execute or sign a document, in duplicate, stating that he opted to donate blood in lieu of paying in cash the administrative fine for traffic violation and that he fully understands that this blood donation will not entitle him to claim blood in the future from the Blood Bank at the Naga City Hospital, unless separate voluntary blood donation not in consonance with this ordinance.

The blood donation shall not exceed 500 cc per person. Blood letting and blood examination under this Ordinances shall only be conducted every Friday morning at the Naga City Hospital.

After the blood donation, the violator shall be issued a Certification by the Naga City Hospital, stating among others that the blood donation is made in lieu of, or as a settlement of, an administrative fine for traffic violation.

The Certification is then presented by the apprehended violator to the PSO for purposes of offsetting the administrative fine.

The Naga City Hospital, according to the Ordinance, shall keep and maintain a Register of Blood Donors which must be held within three years after the last entry is made therein.

The Registry must contain the full name and address of the apprehended violator, his age, and blood type, the date/time of blood donation, the quantity of blood donated the result of his blood examination, and the signature of the traffic violator/blood donor.


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