CamSur SP honors model employee

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY - Monday morning’s flag ceremony at the CamSur Sangguniang Panlalawigan last Aug 2 turned into an inspirational affair as Vice Gov. Ato Peña awards Marla Merilles as its model employee for her display of honesty and integrity on numerous occasions, which served as a true epitome of the vice governor’s advocacy of promoting Christian Innovative leadership to bolster Gov. Lray Villafuerte’s efforts for progress and development in CamSur. - (ANDUJAR)

PILI, CAMSUR — Marla Merilles, Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Camarines Sur’s Administrative Aide received high honors during the flag ceremony at the Session Hall of the Legislative Building last August 2 as Vice Gov. Fortunato Peña personally handed over the award for model employee.

The SP bestowed the award in recognition of Ms. Merilles’ exemplary honesty and integrity in and outside the workplace. Ms. Merilles was given honors for her return of the P10,000.00 excess that she received in her salary, as well as all the other instances when she would decisively surrender belongings that she had found, including a number of cellular phones, one which belonged to a Municipal Mayor.

The recognition is in line with the Vice Governor’s advocacy of fostering Christian Innovative Leadership to establish an environment that inspires transparency, accountability, and participatory governance.

The ceremony held during Mondays is among the newly introduced programs of the innovative vice governor of CamSur which is kicked off by a flag ceremony and a short program where heads of the different departments/divisions give updates on their respective activities, as well as selected intermission numbers from the SP staff to encourage a lively atmosphere and foster closer rapport in the legislative branch. – ANDUJAR


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