PNRC to launch disaster program in Camarines


NAGA CITY — In line with its crusade to reduce the number of casualties and catastrophic number of injuries during a disaster onslaught, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) will start implementation of the Integrated Community Disaster Preparedness Program (ICDPP) in the provinces of Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte next year, Nanette Rodrigazo, chapter administrator of PNRC Camarines Sur Chapter said during the launching of the program at Villa Caceres Hotel here recently.

The program will be carried out under the Disaster Preparedness Program attached to the Department of the European Community Humanitarian Office (DIPECHO) through the consortium of the German Red Cross and the Spanish Red Cross.

The ICDPP-DIPECHO program will be implemented in four provinces in the country, namely Palawan, Antique, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte, with funding of some EUR410,000 (350,000 ECHO + 60,000 GRC/SRC) and will commence implementation on Aug. 31, 2011.

In Camarines Sur, recipients include local governments of San Fernando and Garchitorena wherein the programs will be implemented in five partner-communities and five  partner-schools.

Barangays Bical, Cotmo, Gñaran, Maragñi and Pinamasagan, Elementary Schools of Bical, Cotmo, Gñaran, and Maragñi and Pinamasagan High School are the identified beneficiaries in San Fernando town. While in Garchitorena, covered barangays include Cagnipa, Canlong, Del Pilar, Salvacion and Sumaoy plus five elementary schools.

The two municipalities have a combined allocation of P3.3 million with counterparts from the local government units.

Rodrigazo said that Camarines Sur is very fortunate to have the program, which will provide constituents an opportunity to better equip themselves with knowledge and skills on disasters preparedness and response.

She also stated that this will also help PNRC in realizing its goal in lowering, if not totally eliminating the number of casualties, particularly during typhoons and flooding in the province.

“We at the PNRC would want to realize our goal of building a culture of safe and resilient community to disaster and crisis. This program will reinforce and strengthen the disaster preparedness and capacity of our Chapter,” she related.

Rodrigazo added that DIPECHO program is matched to the priority needs of the community.

“DIPECHO financed activities is working on a framework which is consistent with existing disaster prevention and the mitigation of its ill-effects to the community. It also strengthens the response system of the members of the community, thus lessening any untoward incident to occur since they already know what to do.”

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