The total experience



This is how life in the city where I am now in moves about. Everyday, the scenes that I see on its streets, where I passes by on my way for the morning mass with the sisters, are almost always the same. They seemed to be the usual characters taken out from a play.

As the daylight breaks out, there is still the silence and peace all around as the all-night drunk revellers along with some highly made up skimpily dressed club entertainers are just coming out from the rows  of darkened establishments situated along the business thoroughfares of the place, the off duty graveyard shift security guards and motel attendants, and the waiting yellow taxi cabs that will all take them home somewhere.

Slowly, they are being replace by the noise of freshly rested throng of daytime workers. The newspaper delivery persons speeding away in their fast motorbikes, people selling breakfast just at the back of their minitrucks, the garbage collectors, the cleaners, the mass transit drivers… And then, in a very short while, come the number of students and workers in their ironed out uniforms hurrying for their bus or train rides to their classes, jobs in the banks, offices, department stores, restaurants… to the policemen on the corner streets managing the traffic. Then, the day drags on to its usual mode.

As I passes by and see them all, I always offer a simple prayer . I always tell myself that these people are each fulfilling a vocation in life that which, they thought, might give them the elusive happiness that this life in the world can offer. Some of them might be successful at it and become rich, in their own way. Some might fail. Get terribly sick. Go bankrupt. And so, live in poverty and want for the rest of their lives unless, on their own, they make a positive turn-around with their lives.

People are confuse. We all want to be happy.  Whether it be something just temporary or ethereal, helpful or not, for as long as one is alive, a person wont stop doing something that which regularly brings him the kicks, the total happiness. But, sometimes, we try to find it with the wrong persons and places.

When will all of these stop? Only God knows when. Just remember that inspite of all the forward steps  happening with our technology today which conveniently affects our lives, these are still all crude implements as compared to the glory that we will find in God, if we together stick it out with him.

We all know, for a fact, that in the end, we will all die. We will perish. But, between our birth to this life and our death, with what kind of happiness did we indulge ourselves in? It might something  be good or not. But, for as long as we have life, its not too late to make a positive turn around for the better.

Let us all go back home to him, to God who will bring us to the total happiness experience. And, I am sure , nobody can dispute us away out of it.


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