Kaya Ng Powers show earns high TV ratings

GMA’s latest family sitcom, Kaya Ng Powers, starts with a bang on its timeslot after registering high viewer rating on the Sabado Star Power Block.

The entire cast and production team have a reason to smile after its pilot episode toppled its competition with 10.5 percent Mega Manila people rating, according to data supplier AGB Nielsen Philippines. The sitcom is a knockout hit among viewers of all ages for its laugh-out-loud moments, hilarious one-liners and talented cast.

The Powers Family is headed by Joey Marquez as Dr. Robert Powers, Rufa Mae Quinto as Mrs. Margaret Powers, Rhian Ramos as Hillary Powers, Sheena Halili as Shalani Powers, and Elmo Magalona as Gustin Powers.

Kaya ng Powers also stars Jaya as Helen, Rocco Nacino as Clinton, Enzo Pineda as Noy, Alyssa Alano as Eva, Diego Lloricoas Bebe Girl, and Elija Alejo as Amphie.

Kaya ng Powers airs every Saturday right after 24 Oras Weekend on the Sabado Star Power block of GMA. (30)


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