Naga to become South Luzon education hub

With the significant rise in student population in recent years, the local government of Naga City is now aiming to secure the title of educational center for Southern Luzon as offshoot of its program Naga SMILES.

According to the latest data, as provided by the City Mayor’s Office through Executive Assistant Alec Francis Santos, the number of college students in Naga City has gone up to more than 17,000 while the elementary and high school pupils add up to 53,000.

“We intend to concentrate on the college level students because they support many businesses here in Naga. Aside from the educational institutions, they also patronize boarding houses, food chains and transportation,” Santos said.

The Naga SMILES (abbreviation for See, Meet, Invest, Live, Experience and Study in Naga) is set to be launched soon  together with the LGU’s new interactive website, as the centerpiece of the Bongat administration, which focuses on the livability, tourism industry, academic developments and economic progress of Metro Naga.

“The present administration and this program shall focus on strengthening of services offered to the public and identifying areas overlooked in the past,” added Santos.

Huberto Ursua, head of iGov Team of Naga, stressed that the focus of their own office now is to further augment the present statistics of students residing in the city by advertising on the web its good student-friendly qualities, featuring in its upcoming interactive website its culture and lifestyle that are ideal for learning, raising families and investing on various small and huge businesses.

“Our new website shall be dynamic and interactive because we are trying to invite people to come and live in Naga. We are already famous for our academic institutions and for being a convention center where gatherings of regional and national scope happen,” Ursua said.

The website retains the present address, but it will be supplemented with additional wedges starting Aug. 9 that would be updated almost daily. Ursua promises that his team is working on providing a space on it through which the visitor can post comments or suggestions and a media section that will feature links to webpages of various radio and television stations and local newspapers.

“Our main message is that Naga is here to provide service with a smile,” Santos reiterated. “With our student-friendly programs, we aim to be known as the educational center of Southern Luzon and, hopefully in the future, the Philippines.”


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