USANT launches environment project:“Kahoy Mo, Diploma Mo.”

IRIGA CITY – This is the latest of the environment programs launched by the University of Saint Anthony (USANT) here that is aimed to develop behavior towards the environment and promote environment-friendly practices in the respective communities of its graduates.

The project requires all graduating students in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels including graduate and post graduates students to file their applications for graduation together with an accomplished  form indicating that they are to plant a tree, preferably a  fruit bearing tree, which they commit to secure, nourish and nurture  even in their own backyards  as long as the place has no limiting factors that will prevent the tree from growth and survival.

The trees planted by graduating students will be inspected by school authorities before their graduation.

The environment project is led by Dr. Jose B. Ballesteros, USANT registrar and approved by lawyer Santiago D. Ortega Jr., chairman and president of the university. Graduating students expressed support to the tree planting project and the assurance of the students that they will comply with the program was received by USANT Human Resources Office headed by Dr. Domingo Evangelista Jr.

Other environment programs of the institution include a series of meetings and lectures on environmental care for the city’s drivers of pedicabs and other conveyances. – jokeebotorreyes


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