Daet mayor to lead MDG Bicol activities


Daet Mayor Tito S. Sarion is spearheading the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) activities in the Bicol region by urging his fellow local officials to actively support the “Stand Up, Take Action” global campaign activities on Sept. 17 to 19, 2010.

Sarion said the local government of Daet is embarking on a massive tree planting and clean up drive that will be ushered in by a grand parade on Sept. 17 in his town.

In 2008,  Daet hosted the World Art Experience, an strategy to promote MDG through various forms of art. The “Stand Up, Take Action” events we are holding on Sept. 17 to 19 are simply continuation of our support for the attainment of the eight MDG goals.

This year, the global campaign is to mark  the 10th anniversary of the Millennium Declaration, which embodies the eight goals and their targets.

On Sept. 20, world leaders will gather in New York for the MDG Summit, at which they will be asked to present their achievements in the last 10 years and their breakthrough plans to accelerate MDG achievement within the next five years.

Sarion said the Special Edition Stand Up campaign is an opportune means for reminding our leaders of the commitment they made in September 2000 and ensure the MDGs become a reality in the Philippines within the next five years.

With only five years left before the 2015 target for the achievement of the goals of MDG, l poverty persists with more than 33 percent of Filipinos living in extreme poverty, 5.2 million children are not in school, 11 mothers still die of pregnancy-related causes and the number of HIV cases is on the rise. The clock is ticking fast; our message has to be clearer and louder than ever.

Last year’s commemoration of the MDG anniversary,  the  campaign successfully mobilized 36.1 million Filipinos through various events and activities – the largest number ever recorded by a country worldwide – for the second year in a row.


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