Church bares details of ‘Traslacion’

The head of the Traslacion procession on Friday (September 10) starts moving out of the old Peñafrancia shrine patio — now called Padre Miguel Robles de Covarrubias Plaza —— at noon sharp. Some 89 identified groups which include schools and organizations as well as assisting vehicles will accompany the transfer of the two images of the Divino Rostro and Ina from the Peñafrancia shrine to the Meteropolitan Cathedral to unfold the week-long novenary to be capped by the return of the images by the river in a procession called Sakay to the Peñafrancia Basilica.

The transfer of the image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia from its sanctuary to the Cathedral is penitential in character. According to Bishop Gainza, its intention was to end self-interests by both the cimmarones and the españoles even the sacerdotes ( Principalmente).

After the noontime para-liturgy and novena for all students and those who will participate in the procession, a Holy Mass will be said at the Covarrubias Park, for the voyadores, devotees and pilgrims. The image of the Divino Rostro leaves the plaza at 3:00 while that of the Lady of Peñafrancia at 3:30 in the afternoon. The image of Ina is expected to arrive at the Cathedral at 5:00 p.m. Immediately a Eucharistic Celebration will be said. After the images are brought inside the Cathedral, a concert at 8:00 p.m. will be held at the cathedral grounds.

Along the route of the procession, the guards around the image of the Virgin of Penafrancia will exchange hands according to the following sequence:

Station 1 is for guards wearing yellow and its route is from the shrine to AMS, assigned to the vicariate of St. Anne, barangays Peñafrancia, Liboton and San Felipe;

Station 2 is for guards wearing pink and its route from the AMS to the Trade School, assigned to the vicariate of La Porteria and St. Paschal Baylon and barangays Carolina, Pacol, Panicuason Cararayan, and San Isidro;

Station 3 is for guards wearing color blue and its route is from the Trade School to the Camarines Sur National High School, assigned to the Vicariates of Holy Cross and St. Anthony of Padua and the barangays of Concepcion Pequena, Balatas, Bagumbayan Norte, and Calauag;

Station 4 is for guards wearing red and its route is from the Camarines Sur National High School Red to the Universidad de Sta. Isabel, assigned to the Vicariates of St. Clare and St. John Baptist, the barangays San Francisco, Dayangdang, Tinago, Concepcion Grande, Del Rosario;

Station 5 is for guards wearing orange and its route is from the Universidad de Sta. Isabel to E-Mall, assigned to the Vicariate of St. Raphael and St. Bartholomew, and the barangays Tabuco, Triangulo, Mabulo, Abela, Sabang and Igualdad;

Station 6 is for guards wearing black and its route is from E-Mall (Peñafrancia Street) to E-Mall (E. Angeles Street), assigned to the Military Vicariate;

Station 7 is for guards wearing brown and its route is from E-Mall to Veteran Bank, assigned to the Guardias de Maria and to barangays Dinaga, Sta. Cruz, and Bagumbayan Sur;

The junction of Paz Street and E. Angeles leading to the Porta Mariae is for guards wearing black and brown, assigned to then Military Vicariate and Guardias de Maria.

To be noted is that the Cofradia de San Jose of Naga Parishes will have the same color with the Vicariate assigned to them.

The images of the Divino rostro and the Lady of Peñafrancia will make a left turn at the Calle Iglesia or Paz Street so that the images will enter the Cathedral Ground through the Porta Maria.

All the Other Colors (Cofradia de San Jose) shall go straight and enter the second gate. They will position themselves at the back of the Centennial Arch.


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