NCF names new president


NAGA CITY  —  The Board of Trustees of the Naga College Foundation (NCF) has chosen Marguerite Michelle V. Padua-Hornby as the new college president vice Dr. Carlo P. Villanueva Sr., who retired last Tuesday, Aug. 31.

Since its founding in 1947, Naga College Foundation has been through three presidents: the late NCF founder, Dr. Melchor T. Villanueva, who managed the school for more than 50 years; his eldest son Dr. (Capt.) Roland P. Villanueva who took over in 1999 to 2001; and another son, Dr. Carlo P. Villanueva Sr., who recently retired.

Villanueva’s retirement in effect symbolizes the passing of  the torch of leadership from the 2nd to the 3rd generation of Villanuevas.

With the new NCF president’s assumption, the 3rd generation of Villanuevas has stepped in to chart the future of Naga College Foundation.

The younger generation of Villanuevas  have been well-prepared and well-exposed to the various aspects of school operations since most of them have been involved in the operations and administration of the school since they got out of college. This generation can be looked upon as being more aggressive, broadly travelled, and with enhanced ideals and plans for the NCF.

It was in the last quarter of 2009 when the chairman of the Board of Trustees, Benjamin P. Villanueva, appointed a 3rd generation Villanueva in the Board of Trustees to lead a Transition Committee to manage the succession process and to  assess who among the younger Villanuevas could be candidates for the NCF presidency.

This vital task was shouldered by Mario C. Villanueva, a board member since 2002 and a successful businessman.  He invited distinguished leaders in the local academic community to constitute the Search Committee.

The committee members include:  Fr. Wilmer Tria, program manager of the Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation-Bicol; Dr. Lourdes Anonas, executive vice president of the University of Nueva Caceres; Dr. Lydia Goingo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the Ateneo de Naga University; Dr. Nenette Abrigo, dean of Graduate School at the Universidad de Sta. Isabel; and Tom Huntsman, a businessman from the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority and a Stanford University alumnus.

Six candidates underwent a rigid process that included a series of tests and panel interviews and an online leadership assessment.  Finally, in January of this year, the NCF community was presented with two finalists – Marguerite Michelle Villanueva Padua-Hornby, then the assistant vice president for Finance, and Ann Villanueva-Hidalgo, vice president for Administration.

The finalists were asked to give their respective presentations on the topic “The Future I want to Create for NCF and How to Bring the Organization There.”  This contributed to their final evaluation.

At last, after two weeks of waiting, the NCF Board of Trustees officially announced that the incoming/transition president is  Marguerite Michelle V. Padua-Hornby. 4th NCF president.

The investiture ceremonies for Hornby is slated Sept. 08, 2010.

In a leadership succession process hailed as peaceful and forward-looking, the 2nd generation Villanuevas will now act as senior advisers to the younger Villanuevas who will now be at the forefront of managing the institution and leading it towards new frontiers of achievement.


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