That old self

Weekly Reflection


While the new is attractive and fragrant, nothing can replace the old ones. For the old is classic. It is the original.

For my college graduation gift, my family gave me a diver’s watch. It was the kind that was so in vogue then. In two years time, it got lost. I cannot forget it. For, it was mine and given to me at a very momentous time in my life.

Many years had already passed since I lost my watch. Nearby our parish church is a watch store. Everytime I pass through it, I make it a point to stop by and stare at the various watches on display. I don’t know but everytime I do this, amidst those newer and modern models of watches, it is as if I still kept on looking for my old lost watch. For me, no amount of watches can be able to replace it. For with it, goes the happiness that I felt the day I graduated from college with my whole family in attendance and who attached that watch on my left wrist.

From our town and playmates, classmates, teachers, colleagues…  all of us know people in our lives. Everytime we meet them, during reunions and other special occasions, who, by now,   might be dressed  very differently from us, driving expensive cars…, we always look for the old person as we came to know them. If they come across as already different, we will immediately say that they have already changed. It is good if the change that happened is for the better. But, what if it is for the worst?

We have known good people in our lives, whom we have lost through vices like drug addictions and other forms of addictions. We say that the person is not anymore the person whom we know, back then. We wish they they get well and we get back their old usual self.

God loves the old. No matter what we do. No matter how far we flee from him. He will always and surely find us back. In death, he takes back the life he deposited in the human body. One by one, when the apt time comes, he will this. So, in death, what is left of us is merely a corpse- the material component. In their wakes, in front of their coffins buried in flowers and accolades, we just sit by and talk about the old person who have gone before us. The person whom we lost through death and is now found at the bosom of our Heavenly Father.

I just recently met a person who upon knowing that I am a Catholic told me that I belong to the old church. We live in the modern age. New things come and confront us. We, then, take and exchange it for the old ones. For a time, we will put the old in the back draft of our lives. But, in time, it will come back to find  and take all possession of us. GOD is the GOD of the OLD, the NEW and the FUTURE.


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