Puno Should Resign Not Robredo and When Dengue Occurs



President Noynoy Aquino admitted publicly that he is responsible for the August 29 hostage fiasco. He also said that he assigned DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo to be in charge of local government matters and DILG Undersecretary Rico Puno to be in charge of police matters. There was a clear area of responsibility  for each of them.

Undersecretary Puno admitted before the Investigating Committee headed by Justice Sec. Leila de Lima that he is responsible for the failure of the hostage  incident.

I am only surprised why there are politicians and some media people asking Sec. Robredo to resign as DILG Secretary and not Undersecretary Puno.

It is possible that there may be people who may not like Robredo to shine in the national scene and there may also be people who do not like Robredo’s policy for local government units to be transparent and accountable especially with government funds. I’ll not be surprised if politics and vested interests are behind this.

President Aquino should give Robredo the chance to do his job. He was not responsible for the hostage tragedy. Bicolanos should discard the crab mentality if we want our region to progress. I believe Our Lady of Penafrancia would want us all to be united for peace and development.

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There are already more than 62,000 dengue cases reported by the Department of Health. When dengue fever occurs in our family, what should we do? We should immediately go to the doctor and follow his instructions. Dengue is fatal and it could kill in a very short time, but not all fevers are dengue fever. So, we have to find out.

Here’s an excerpt from the column of Cory Quirino, a Wellness Guru, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer dated Sept. 7, 2010:

Immune System watch:

Once bitten by the bug (and even if this goes undetected) here are the signs and symptoms as well as emergency care, according to Dr. Alvin Florentino, Pediatric Intensivist, Makati Medical Center (tel. 8888999).

Beware of:

  • Mosquito bites
  • Fever for 1-6 days, moderate to high (38.5 and above). When fever subsides, it is the time the blood platelet goes down. But in some cases platelets may decrease during fever.
  • Muscle pains, diarrhea,  cough/colds, nose bleeding/gum bleeding

To do

  • See a physician.
  • Get blood test.
  • Hydration: 8-10 glasses of water daily
  • Paracetamol will ease discomforts.

Blood transfusion will require hospitalization for severe cases. However, mild cases can be monitored by a physician on an outpatient basis.

Note: Most fatalities occur in patients who have severe bleeding and/or contracted dengue for a second time.

Natural blood boosters

Dengue causes the blood to thicken simply because of extreme water loss. The key is hydration: Drink water and fresh juices like coconut water, green leafy and fruit juices.

Liver strengtheners. Because the liver is largely affected, take substances which can fortify this major organ that is the body’s major blood reservoir.

Sugar beets (fresh) in juice or salad form

Korean red ginseng-extracts, powder or tea.

Milk thistle-a western herb taken as table or tea.


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