Anti-dengue drive launched in CNorte


DAET, Camarines Norte — The Provincial Health Office (PHO) of Camarines Norte is conducting a massive information drive through its Rural Health Units (RHUs) to prevent the spread of dengue in the province.

PHO Camarines Norte has already recorded some 123 cases of dengue in the province from January to August with one casualty. Breakdown of cases shows that Daet has 56 cases, Labo 15, Jose Panganiban 14, Paracele 10, Vinzons 8, Talisay 5, 4 cases each in Basud, San Vicente and Mercedes towns and a case each in the municipalities of Capalonga, Sta. Elena and San Lorenzo Ruiz.

Dr. Arnulfo Salagoste, PHO chief said that in his meeting with the RHUs the campaign will focus on the Department of Health (DOH) 4-S strategy: Search and Destroy, Self-protective measures, Seek early treatment and Say no to indiscriminate fogging.

He said that instead of confining patients wilth mild dengue in a hospital facility, parents and caregivers can practice D.E.N.G.U.E which stand: D for daily monitoring of patient’s status, E- encourage intake of oral fluids like oresol, water, juices etc, N- note any dengue warning signs like persistent vomiting and bleeding, G-give paracetamol for fever and NOT aspirin, because aspiring induces bleeding, U-use mosquito nets and E-early consultation for any warning signs.

He added that a group from the National Epedimiology Center is now conducting visitation in barangay to monitor different cases of diseases like dengue and will also conduct a meeting on Friday after the visitation.


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