CamSur remains in DOT priority list

TOURISM POWWOW - CamSur Governor LRay Villafuerte (center) in a hearty huddle with Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim (extreme right) and Regional Director Maria Ravanilla (left) during the inauguration of the Gayon Bikol Wellness Center in Magarao recently. Top photo shows the three officials with Magarao Mayor Salvador Senar, Jr. with the “hilots” who will man the newly erected Gayon Bikol Wellness Center. - DOMENGRANERA

PILI, Camarines Sur – Even as the national government is set on focusing tourism projects among the numerous Visayan islands based on a preconceived development blueprint, the province of CamSur will remain a major component of the Department of Tourism’s (DoT) tourism development program.

This was announced by DoT Secretary Alberto Lim  during his visit to the province Sunday, Sept. 12.

In citing Governor LRay Villafuerte’s very successful tourism promotion initiatives, Lim underscored that the DoT cannot simply ignore the leading role of CamSur with its sports tourism and eco-tourism attractions as well as those of other Bicol provinces like Albay with its Mayon Volcano and Sorsogon with its butanding,

In just a few years after Governor Villafuerte launched his innovative tourism projects, CamSur’s local and global popularity has meteorically risen such that it is currently the most visited destination in the country, even eclipsing other long-established venues like Boracay, Cebu, Subic, Davao, Bohol and Palawan.

To demonstrate CamSur’s heightened popularity, when there used to be only three arrival and departure flights to and from the province each week, there are currently seven every day.

To further fortify CamSur’s inclusion into the Visayas cluster development thrust, Governor Villafuerte also announced that he is currently arranging Boracay-Naga-Boracay and Cebu-Naga-Cebu connections with the airlines.

Very well impressed by his first-hand view of CamSur’s tourism initiatives, Lim was further awed when he went to the town of Magarao to inaugurate the Gayon Bikol Wellness Center of the local hilots (bonesetters/physical therapists) whose clientele come from far and wide.

Governor Villafuerte has committed to help promote Magarao as the hilot capital of the Philippines if not of the world. GBCLAVERIA


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