Rich and poor matters

Weekly Reflection


Being rich or poor is not an exclusive category. It is relative. As each country, using its own standardized assessment system,  has its own  definition of who is who. So, being one depends on every person’s  priority in life. If one values virtues like diligence, frugality, wise investing…, he could, indeed, be rich at no time. But, on the other hand, if one’s life is overwhelmed by vices, the person, his family and all of his hard-earned riches will all go to naught and he will be reduced to poverty. From the point of view of freedom, one either wills oneself to be rich or poor.

In anything, being rich or poor, attitude is very important. It is how one looks at oneself. This is a vice versa situation.  As there are many rich people who, seeing that they were gifted with much, have the heart enough to be so charitable as to be so generous with whatever they have, there are also many people in poverty who, thinking that they were grossly exploited, are imprisoned in their desire to get even. They go, as far as, robbing others of their possessions.

Life is one cyclic repetition. It goes on and on. It does not come to a definite end until we learn our precious lessons.  With life is time which is a great help in unlearning whatever is wrong in our life and learning whatever is rightly needed and true.

Our life today, whatever and wherever it might be now due to the numerous economic downturns and difficulties it had been through, is much much better than it was yesterday and it is getting well and well as the days go by. Because we have learned enough from our bitter experiences. These things had made us strong and better persons to go and face whatever life might throw our way. He who stays the course and not give up , in the long run, is the adjudge winner. God will surely reward us. If not in this life, then in the next.

It’s nice to be rich. Most of us want to be one. Just think and do what you need to do. In time, you will really be one.


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