Bill for Camarines Norte forest boundary endorsed


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Bicol will be submitting the draft bill for the final forest land boundary of Camarines Norte to the National Assessment and Delineation Committee for evaluation and review, according to the agency’s top regional official.

DENR Bicol Regional Executive Director Joselin Marcus Fragada has ordered the Regional Assessment and Delineation Team to submit the draft proclamation to fast track the enactment of the province’s final forest line.

He pointed out the urgency to lay down protection and sustainable development strategies for the forest resources in Camarines Norte, where Bicol National Park is located.

Under the draft bill, the RADT identified a total forestland of 75, 766 hectares and alienable and disposable land consisting of 46 blocks or 3, 236.9 hectares from the province’s total land area of 214, 346 hectares.

The draft bill was the output of the fast-tracked forestland boundary assessment and delineation (FLBAD) project in the region which targeted to complete Camarines Norte and Masbate’s final forest lines.

The project underpins the government’s sustainable reforestation approaches, comprehensive land use program, resolution on political boundaries and establishment of national forestland database.

Based on the FLBAD process, once the NADC reviewed and evaluated the draft proclamation it will be then endorsed to the DENR Secretary. The Secretary shall endorse the draft bill to the Representatives concerned for sponsorship in Congress. Upon the passage of the law defining the final boundary of the forestlands within a province, the same shall be the basis for the issuance of the certifications of legal status of the land. It shall form part of the control maps and records for all public land applications filed to the Department.

Meanwhile, in a report submitted by the RADT to Fragada, the team assured an on track completion of the assessment and delineation of the forestland in Masbate by October this year and the draft proclamation by first quarter of 2011.

The implementation of the survey was based on DENR Administrative Order 2008-24, which specifically provided for a “comprehensive procedure to facilitate the conduct of assessment and delineation of boundaries between forestlands, national parks and agricultural lands.”


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