NYC assessment study underway

The NYC is pleased to announce that the 2010 National Youth Assessment Study is now underway.

The study, which is conducted through primary and secondary data-gathering and research is held every five years across all 17 regions of the country. It aims to provide an update on the profile of the Filipino youth – their prevailing values and attitudes in relation to their needs, aspirations and problems. The results of the study will serve as the basis in crafting the Medium-Term Youth Development Plan 2011-2016.

In Region 5, the province of Camarines Norte and Masbate were randomly selected as the respondents for the study. The actual data gathering in this locality will be on Oct 17-20 (Masbate) and Oct 20-23 (Cam, Norte). The following research instruments will be use: survey, focus group discussion and key informant interview. The study ensures that all the youth sectors are represented (in-school, out of school, working youth and youth with special needs) as well as the urban and rural areas. Youth Service Providers will also be interviewed. The research team is composed of representative from NYC, Profiles Asia Pacific and DSWD.

The study is being held in cooperation with Profiles Asia Pacific and John F. Kenny Center with the support of UNICEP.


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