Salceda sees Trillanes’ role in Albay development


LEGAZPI CITY  — Albay Governor Joey Salceda, is looking forward to working closely with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for development policies following President Benigno Aquino’s granting of amnesty to the senator and more than 300 rebel officers and soldiers who took part in three military uprisings against his predecessor.

Salceda said he believed the senator will make the most out of his eagerness to start working for his home province as well as the country.

“While there are four Bicolanos in the Senate, Trillanes solely represents Albay, Joker Arroyo from CamSur and Honasan and Escudero from Sorsogon. Trillanes gives pride to Albay but more than that he will prove to be a big help to P-Noy in leading the country,” Salceda said.

Albayanos are now happy to see their biggest contribution to national leadership and to the task of nation building, he added.

Three weeks ago Trillanes agreed to meet Salceda and Albay Board Members Ramon Alsua and Ireneo Sales, at his detention cell.

He said he noticed that even with access to information constrained by his detention, Trillanes still has robust grasp of national issues and that the latter’s policies are quite impressive.

The governor added now that Trillanes is free, he believes the latter would grow in stature and distinguish himself in the Senate and the national scene.

“Surely, his strong views and positions distilled in long contemplation will contribute significantly to the formation of robust consensus on national issues. But what struck me was his filial piety – that eagerness to get out and do his bit for his home province – Albay (being from Ligao City) – he insisted in knowing the priorities of Albay,” Salceda said. – RM Nasol


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