AKB files bill to ban motorbike overloading

AKB solons filed House Bill No. 3360 that prohibits overloading of motorcycles and limits passengers to those above 12 years of age.

The rising prices of petroleum and traffic congestion led to the increase in the number of motorcycle purchases. Use of motorcycles is found to be a convenient, efficient, and cheaper means to evade traffic.

Admirably, Congress responded to this concern when it passed Republic Act No. 10054 or the “Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009,” which mandates the use of helmets for drivers and passengers.

However, AKB representatives  also recognize the need to act on the uncontrolled overloading of motorcycles, which, according to the Metro Manila Development Authority, is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycles are made to accommodate only two persons,  the driver and one passenger.  It has become a habit to accommodate more than two persons as in the case of the habal-habal, a popular public utility in the rural areas, which can accommodate around six  people.

They also observed the dangerous habit of including infants and children as passengers. Alarming also is the fact that the use of helmets for toddlers and infants is not imposed. This presents a very dangerous situation that endangers the lives of children who ride motorcycles unprotected, usually snuggled between parents or tucked in the arms of a parent.

The bill is aimed at lessening, if not eradicating, the dangers imposed by motorcycle-overloading and safeguarding the interests of children.


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