Sec. Robredo graces sisterhood confab

The Daet municipal government hosted  the First Regional Sisterhood and Town Twinning Conference in Daet on Oct. 28 to 30, 2010 coinciding with the National Board Meeting of Philippine Sisterhood and Town Twinning Association (PHISTA).

The conference which was attended by local chief executives and other officials of various local government units in the Bicol region as well as employees national government agencies and local government unit, newly elected punong barangays of Daet, sangguniang kabataan (SK) officials, scholars and non-government organizations, aimed to provide ways and means for the provinces and towns in the region to become more competitive, which can only be achieved through working together and helping each other – the very concept of town twinning.

The speakers during conference were Mayor Annabelle C. Tangson, PHISTA national president, Mayor Ruth Uy Asmundson of  Davis City, California and marketing expert Willy Arcilla.

Important topics were presented and discussed that culminated in organizational planning and benchmarking.

Daet Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion as one of the delegates in the Sister Cities International’s 54th Annual Conference in Alboquerque, New Mexico, USA  shared his experience in the said conference.

During the meeting of PHISTA officers, Sarion was chosen as interim president of PHISTA in the Bicol region.

The closing ceremony was highlighted with the presence of DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo who was the guest of honor as well as inducting officer of the newly elected punong barangays of Daet.

The participants in the town twinning conference  received a “pili tree” in the closing activity as a symbol  of harmonious relation, strong linkages and promotion of growth between the local governments in the region.

“A strong region is seen to withstand economic storms and even the changes in political landscape and administration by being one in terms of socio-economic, technological, educational, agricultural and even emergency/calamity management cooperation.” Sarion said.


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