CamSur villages to get water pumps, fish gears

PUMPS FOR FOOD PRODUCTIVITY - These irrigation pumps are set for distribution this November to rice farmer-beneficiaries of the European Union-funded FPAVAS food productivity project, a joint project of Gov. LRay Villafuerte and the European Union. Community-based organizations of rice farmers in Ocampo and Sagñay will each receive a set of irrigation pump. The provincial government will take charge of their installation.

PILI, Camarines Sur – In unrelenting efforts to improve the lives of farmers and fisherfolk in the province, the provincial government will install this month irrigation pumps to irrigate  selected farms and deliver fishing gears and other agricultural inputs to various beneficiaries in Sagñay, Ocampo and Buhi towns.

Last Oct. 28 to 30, the provincial government distributed the first tranche  of agricultural inputs to over a thousand rice, corn and vegetable farmers in the three towns.

Agricultural productivity is among the priority thrusts of Gov. LRay Villafuerte to make the province food self-sufficient.

The food productivity program is a partnership between the CamSur provincial government  and European Union, which is meant to equip the beneficiaries of the project with the adequate tools to improve their yield and income.

The major component of the program is the social preparation training, which imparts the importance of team building, farm planning, monitoring and evaluation.

The social preparation training culminates with the target beneficiaries in each barangay organizing themselves into community groups, an essential requirement for the sustainability of the project.

More than 5,000 rice, corn and vegetable farmers, livestock raisers and fisherfolks including indigenous people in CamSur stand to benefit from this EU-funded project.

The rice farmers who are beneficiaries of the program and have already undergone the social preparation and formed into community-based organizations (CBOs) and capability building training were already provided with certified seeds and fertilizers.

This November, irrigation pumps will be installed in the farmlands per CBO with the provincial government taking charge of the installation.

On the other hand, the vegetable growers who also completed the requirements were provided with a variety of vegetable seeds such as eggplant, ampalaya, squash, pepper, pechay and string beans and organic fertilizers and sets of garden tools. The corn producers received hybrid corn seeds and fertilizers.

The fishermen beneficiaries of the program from target barangays in Sagñay and Buhi will receive fishing gears before the end of November this year.


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