Dato’s TKO program to proceed despite snags


LIBMANAN, Camarines Sur – Camarines Sur 2nd District Representative Dato Arroyo assured his constituents of continuing implementation of his Tubig, Kalye, Oportunidad (TKO) Program in his district despite of some difficulties being met under the Aquino Administration.

Arroyo said he believed that all of his lined up programs and projects will be funded and implemented. The former Presidential son confirmed that there are some projects, which were funded by the Presidential Social Funds, are now on hold by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

Arroyo has sourced funds of  some of his infra projects from the Presidential Social Funds, but because of the change in administration, the funding was discontinued by the DBM.

After Aquino assumed the presidency, the DBM has frozen the release of funds for the projects funded through the GMA Presidential Social Fund, which included Dato’s projects.

Dato being President Arroyo’s son affected the fund releases. The Aquino administration is probing the past administration’s  alleged irregularities, a move which some quarters doubted as “politically motivated.”

“I assure my constituents of continued implementation of my TKO Program even if there are some hindrances  because of political differences,” Dato said. The youthful congressman will use his Priority Development Funds to finance the TKO in his congressional district.

He said he will surpass these difficulties, although he belongs to the opposition party, he count on allies who will help him in his endeavors.

Arroyo explained how the fund of a particular project or program is release. It is directlychannelled by DBM to agencies that implement the projects.

On his scholarship program, the release of funds goes directly to the Technical Education Services Development Authority (TESDA) and the Commission on Higher Education. While his infra projects are forwarded to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

For delay in fund releases, the DBM is responsible. This department can hold or release  immediately funds for certain projects. In his case, Arroyo said he often reminded the DBM of the immediate release of the allocation.

Meanwhile, Arroyo has reported to his constituents the ongoing construction of some of his projects, which were previously funded by the GMA administration. One particular project is the construction of Libmanan-Canaman Sky Bridge, which amounted to P1.3 billion that will bring progress to his district once it is completed.

Included in the construction of the bridge is the rehabilitation of the Libmanan road, which was long neglected by the provincial government, but currently funded by the then Arroyo administration, through Dato’s effort, to facilitate the area’s economic development.

Old road and bridges are being replaced by new ones that will accommodate heavier vehicles that will pass on this road once construction is finished.

Part of the road rehabilitation is the widening of its shoulder, and construction of line canals to make this 10 kilometers road suited to bigger cargo vehicles, and to ease flooding, a perennial occurrence during heavy rains.

At present, the ongoing construction is almost finished, and the congressman is waiting for its inauguration.


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