Devolution of DPWH projects Worth P50 million up urged


To strictly follow the guidelines on check and balance during the pre-procurement, procurement, and implementation of projects under Department Order No. 55 dated Oct. 30, 2010, a concerned public works  field engineer recommended to top DPWH  officials to devolve locally funded projects worth P50 million and above to district offices after the bidding process had been conducted at the central office, to insure that no unforeseen circumstances will frustrate the plan of action of the government to implement it in the countryside.

He said DPWH field offices have the resources in terms of manpower to closely supervise, and check the projects if there are any minor changes  in its execution because of  their proximity to the project sites.

The field engineer who requested anonymity said  regional offices can just monitor, and evaluate the accomplishments to save time, money, and efforts for the agency. Then upon carefully examining the work and validated for payment  by the undersecretary  for regional operations, billings, and the processing of payments should be done in Manila, he said.

In the previous years, it was observed, that the regional  office would always encounter difficult problems, particularly for projects implemented in far away places, because it doesn’t  have the available personnel on the ground  to inspect it if there are flaws in getting the work done.

The district engineering offices being in the forefront  of these construction activities have become the shock absorber of the unsavory remarks howled by the media, and the travelling public, although they have nothing to do with it.

He said that to correct these recurring problems of irregularities, and wrong doings that in most cases the projects are not done well, they are half finished, and most often tenuously constructed – department officials must avoid too much laxity, and sullen  behaviors in the rank and file if they want to achieve a durable, lasting, and well-built roads and bridges, and other structures to save  taxpayer’s money.


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