Magayon: A Taste of Bicol … A Taste of Class

A new book on Bicol recipes and selected biographies of prominent Bicolanos will be released in January 2011, Sydney-based Manila Prints announces recently.

The 300 pages book, with a brief history of Bicol cuisine, is a compilation of Bicol recipes gathered and experimented by its author, Neria, Nidea-Soliman, a gourmet who was born in Albay province. It will be the first time that an extensive collection of Bicol recipes will be found in one cookbook. This book is the result of the author’s more than a decade of work visiting Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Catanduanes, Sorsogon and Masbate.

The recipes included in this new book are grouped into fiesta dishes, everyday dishes, mirienda or snacks, and desserts, and with a number of food inventions and drink concoctions by the author herself.

As expected the book will have original and reliable Bicol recipes such as the famous appetizing Bicol Express, Pinangat Camalig, alimango sa gata, arroz a la Bicolana, beef puchero, chilli con carne (the Bicol Way),  dinarang na Balidbid, bayway, Bicol langka salad, Bicol’s pride, daing na sinarapan, dinarang na hito, dinuguan Bicol,  estofado, tapang pawikan (turtle), ginisang piga sa lada, gulay na hito sa kalunggay, tabios tortilla, pinacro na duma, pinacro na pulutan, santan sa pili, empanaditas, gulay na kuracding sa lada, kandingang Bicol, Kinunot (several recipes), and, of course, the dependable laing, and many more.

The second part of the book will dwell on selected biographies of prominent Bicolanos whose works and achievements inspired, not only Bicolanos, but many Filipinos, as well. These luminaries include the eminent Msgr. Jorge Barlin, first Filipino Bishop;  Fr. Roderick C. Salazar SVD, priest academician;  Loida Nicolas-Lewis, civic leader and philanthropist;  Augusto ‘Gus’ Albor, painter and sculptor; Nora Aunor, multi-awardee artist/singer; Abdon Balde, Jr. engineer turned successful literary man; Susan Soliman-Calayan, educator.

Hon. Efren N. Iglesia, Judge of Superior Court, California; Ceryl Diaz Meyer, Pulitzer Prize awardee journalist; Terrence Diaz Meyer, engineer; Francisco Nidea, civil engineer; Imelda Nicolas, Civil society activist and reformist;  Meriem Palacio, singer and musician; Alfredo Imperial Perdon, LINKAPIL founder and media entrepreneur;  and Bro Mike Velarde, evangelist and real estate developer.

Another feature of the book is the section on historical background on six provinces comprising the Bicol region with materials compiled from the sources of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

The book has a scheduled launching in the Philippines and Australia. Bicol associations throughout the world which would like to make arrangement for a joint sponsorship of  the launching of the book in their area, may contact the author.

For further information about the book, please contact 111 Stockholm Avenue, Hassal Grove, NSW 2761, Australia. Phone: +61 2 9628 2556 or write the Manila Prints, PO Box 1267, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, Australia, Ph/Fx: (02) +61 2 9313 8179


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