Top kiteboard riders compete in kite jam

WIND OR NO WIND - After a few days marking time wakeboarding at CamSur Watersports Complex’s cable lake reputed to be the best cable park in the world, some twenty of the best kiteboard riders in the world were all smiles and jubilant as a brisk wind rose Friday, December 10 and enabled them to dig up, unfurl and left fly their kites for a whole morning of kitesurfing at the Lago del Rey. Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is among several water-based and extreme sports being keenly promoted at the CWC under a comprehensive sports development program of Governor LRay Villafuerte that has transformed CamSur into a genuine center of international sports and substantially helped boost the province to the stature as the most visited tourism destination in the country. (DANREY)

Governor LRay Villafuerte is set to score another historical milestone in the history of the province and national sporting circles with the staging on December 3 to 12 of the WIND OR NO WIND Kiteboarding Jam at the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (CWC) projected to be the biggest water-based sports spectacle ever played here.

It will be “an extreme and one-of-a-kind event in the world that will showcase the versatility of the CWC,” Governor Villafuerte said.

More than just a kiteboarding marathon that will see the participation of some of the biggest names of this sporting circle and the presence of personalities of various fields and stature, the nine-day event will feature plethora of parties, concerts and other entertainment guaranteed to make the occasion a memorable and exciting event.

The retinue of participants invited by Governor Villafuerte from all over the world include the master kiteboard rider Mauricio Abreau of the United States who will design the obstacles to be used during the event similar to those used for wakeboarding that will make the competitions more challenging to the participants and exciting for the spectators.

Obstacles are rarely used in ordinary kiteboarding events which are now gaining popularity worldwide, making the Wind or No Wind Kite Jam with riders hitting the obstacles a unique one-of-a-kind extreme experience as promised by Governor Villafuerte.

Other big-name kiteboarders invited are the statuesque Susi Mai of the Dominican Republic, Tom Court, Christ Burke and Aaron Hadlow of the United Kingdom and Brandon Scheif, Davey Blaire and Jason Slezak of the United StateS. The event is open to the public for free. For more information visit


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