“Bombo Ang Radyo Ko” 2011 TLMC theme


Every start of the year, when the whole country is still reeling from its New Year revelries, Senior Officers, Area Managers and Station Managers of Bombo Radyo Philippines, the Number One Radio Network in the Country, make their annual trek from twenty four (24) areas all over the country where the Network operates its stations, to immerse in a week long strategic planning session dubbed Top Level Management Conference (TLMC).

For Top Level Management Conference 2011 from January 03 to 07, the venue will be Iloilo City, the birthplace of Bombo Radyo Philippines and the theme is an emphatic pronouncement of the Network’s brand which is the choice of the majority: BOMBO ANG RADYO KO!

This week-long, yearly ritual of mapping out plans and devising strategies to be of better service to the millions of its listeners is the open secret of Bombo Radyo Philippines’ continued dominance and the acknowledged leadership in the radio sector all these years. Lead personally by multi awarded media mogul and businessman-banker Dr. Rogelio M. Florete and Senior Officers, Executive Vice-President Rogelio C. Florete, Jr and Senior Vice-President Margaret Ruth C. Florete, the hands on approach in providing the best practices for its listeners, rendering public service and acting as the catalyst for nation building has been the hallmark of Bombo Radyo Philippines.

Starting as a single provincial radio station, Bombo Radyo Philippines, has grown to be the premier exponent of responsible journalism as well as the mirror of the existing reality, the hopes and aspirations together with the foibles and shortcomings of the community where it serves. From its AM & FM Divisions, listeners can be assured that the products set before them is the gestation of the best of what radio can bring: the freshest information and entertainment, the most incisive commentaries, up to date news from wherever in the world, special events coverages, the most cutting edge innovation and public service that impact their lives  as radio is the “theater of the mind”.

As the country looks forward to a better Year 2011, Bombo Radyo Philippines’ commitment to everything that has endeared it to the majority of the listening public continues.  With the majority of its stations voted again as Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas People’s Choice as well as winning in the official surveys as the most listened to stations, the Network will work further that this vote of confidence is not in vain. The Top Level Management Conference is being held precisely to give back to the public its heartfelt choice as indeed the message and the concomitant responsibility is clear: BOMBO ANG RADYO KO!


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