Love defies floods: Albay couple say ‘I do’ despite high water


LEGAZPI CITY   – The heavy downpour that triggered flooding in this city’s commercial district failed to stop couple Glenda Lorenzo and Ryan Cuebillas from exchanging marriage vows the other day.

“Love defies even the floods,” one of the couple’s friends was quoted as saying.

Lorenzo went live on local radio station dzGB at around 3:15 p.m. Thursday to ask the priest not to cancel her wedding.

She, too, requested for rescue vehicles from Camp General Simeon Ola after she and Cuebillas failed to be at the Albay Cathedral for their 3 p.m. wedding ceremony due to heavy flooding on the city’s major roads.

“I’m the bride in the wedding scheduled at 3 p.m. there at the Albay Cathedral. I’m requesting Camp Ola if they could send military trucks here at Casa Blanca Hotel to fetch us so that we could go to the church,” Lorenzo appealed in the dialect, as anchorman Cris Dalagit listened.

But since rescue vehicles were all busy evacuating residents of landslide-prone and low-lying areas across the province, the rescuers failed to respond to the request immediately.

This prompted Lorenzo, garbed in her wedding gown, to go out of the hotel. She flagged down a truck loaded with copra and asked that she hitch a ride going to the church.

A slightly drenched Lorenzo arrived at the church after an hour. She and Cuebillas exchanged vows at 5 p.m., drowned by resounding applause from the invited guests, who also braved the rising floodwaters going to the church.

But the couple’s story was not yet over. The newlyweds again requested for military trucks to fetch the entire wedding entourage and invited guests numbering to close to 200 from the church to the hotel for the reception.

Informed of the request, Col. Romeo Ayson, who was in-charge of the evacuation vehicles, immediately dispatched two M-35 trucks and ferried the entourage, in four batches, to the hotel.

“We are touched by their determination to push through their wedding despite the floods. We will just consider this as a very special operation,” Ayson told Bikol Reporter.

Hotel in-charge and lawyer Danny Azaña, also a former broadcaster and vice governor, admitted that he helped facilitate the wedding to push through by requesting the radio station to relay the couple’s request to the authorities.

“But because the trucks were almost in turtle pace due to the floods’ strong current, the reception was only able to start at 9 p.m.,” Azaña said.

He said the couple was happy to see their relatives and guests in the reception.

Though the couple was nowhere for interviews after the reception, the wedding was much talked about in radio stations across the Bicol region.


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