US wake rider tops WWA ultimate games

ULTIMATE WAKE RIDER - American Tom Foshee was adjudged Ultimate Wake Champion during the WWA World Series Ultimate Wake Championship held Jan. 19 to 23 at the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC), the only cable park in the world that can handle three wake sports disciplines – cable, boat and Sisetec System 2.0 – simultaneously at one setting. (DOMINGRANERA)

PILI, Camarines Sur – Tom Foshee of the USA sustained a consistent flow of smooth rides peppered with spectacular tricks and acrobatics to conclusively corner the world title as Ultimate Wakeboard Champion after four chock-full days of skirmishes at the Cable, Boat and System 2.0 parks of the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) here that culminated with a big bang Sunday, January 23.

Foshee came into the CamSur last and final stop at the lead of over a hundred of the best wakeriders in the world with accumulated points from previous World Series stop that kicked off June last year in the United States, moved to Nieuwegein in the Netherlands, Hamburg in Germany, Antalaya in Turkey and finally to Camarines Sur in the Philippines.

Fellow American Reed Hansen was adjudged overall wakeskate champion.

Darling of the competition, however, was 13-year-old Daniel Grant of Thailand, accomplished rider who held his own against a field of veteran riders from all over the globe in all categories of the competition he joined.

Local standouts include Samantha Bermudez who bagged the first place in women’s professional wakeboard division, and Tynna Rosero, Jenette Beltran and Diana de Castro who captured the second to fourth place in the wakeskate.

Pro Men Wakeboard Cable: first – Daniel Grant (Thailand); second – Tom Foshee (USA); third – Dominic Guehrs (Germany); and fourth – Matty Hasler (Australia).

Pro Men Wakeskate (Cable); first – Reed Hansen (USA); second – Nick Taylor (USA); third – Daniel Grant (Thailand) and fourth – Bret Little (USA).

Pro Obstacle Only Cable: first – Tom Fooshee (USA); second – Daniel Grant (Thailand); third – Kim Yong Il (Korea); and fourth – Julian Cohen (USA).

Professional Wakeboard Winch: first – Kaesen Suderhond (USA); second – Yannick Thibault (Canada); third – Nate Perry (France); and fourth – Chad Sharpe (USA).

Professional Wakeskate Winch: first – Andrew Pastura (USA); second – Nick Taylor (USA); third – Leo Labadens (France); and fourth – Brian Grubb (USA)

Professional Wakeskate Cable: first – Reed Hansen (USA); second – Brian Grubb (USA); third- Andrew Pastura (USA); and fourth – Nick Taylor (USA).

Professional Women’s Wakeboard: first – Samatha Bermudez (PHL); and second – Elizabeth Fuchs (Germany).

Women’s Wakeskate: first – Jennifer Gilanfarr (USA); second – Tynna Rosero (PHL); third – Jenette Beltran (PHL); and fourth – Diana de Castro (PHL).

Men’s Professional Boat: first – Philip Soven (USA); second – Trevor Hansen (USA); third – Andrew Adkison (USA); and fourth – Nick Jones (USA).

Junior Men: first – Nick Lewis (Germany); Jason Colborne (South Africa); third – Idan Mizrahi (Israel); and Oliver Breumland (Denmark).

The CamSur CWC UWC stop will go into sports’ historical annals not only as the biggest wake event with the biggest prize money ever staged but also the first search for the ultimate and most diverse rider with all their wake disciplines – cable boat and Sisetec System 2.0 – being held simultaneously in a single venue, a feat that only CWC in CamSur which is the only facility in the world can handle. –GBClaveria


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