Catanduanes mini-hydro plant set for inauguration


VIRAC, Catanduanes – The inauguration of the Solong mini hydro power plant with a 3.6 MW power generation capacity is scheduled this February after almost two years of construction.

According to project manager G. FLoro Barrameda of Sunwest Water and Electric Company (SUWECO), there’s still no exact day set for the inauguration because it will depend on the availability of the schedule of the guest speaker.

Hitoma 1 and 2 of Barangay Obi, Caramoran, Catanduanes  will also be inaugurated on the same date. According to Barrameda, since last week of January, they already started supplying the island province’s electric cooperative with 1.6 to 2.6 MW of electricity depending on the request of the electric cooperative.

If operation will go full-blast, the power plant can supply up to 3.6 megawatts from the two sources of Hitoma 1 and 2 with 1.5 and Solong with 2.1 megawatts. At present, the power plant is still under dry run and will be stable this year.

The mini hydro power plant is also expected to help in solving the current power supply condition in the province.


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