Cultist commits suicide, haunts kins afterwards

CULTIST’ S PRAYER - Spread out on a chair with the crudely drawn picture of Jesus Christ is the suicide victim’s special Visayan prayer, which his widow believes drove him to kill himself.


NAGA CITY — After committing suicide one morning inside his own house, the victim, a laborer who was a member of a cult, startled his wife, children and sister by speaking to them in his disembodied voice after police carted away his remains.

The suicide victim identified as Lito Armenio, 31, a construction worker who hailed from Samar province, was found by his five-year-old eldest son Thursday, Feb. 3 at  11 a.m. after he hung himself in their home located at Carnation Street, Naga City Subdivision, Barangay Triangulo in this city.

PO2 Marlon Requilla, officer-on-case, said that investigation showed no foul play and interviews with the family revealed that extreme depression might have pushed the victim to the brink of his sanity.

Sarah Armenio, Lito’s wife confirmed that her husband had been hinting on committing suicide days before he killed himself.

“I never thought he would really do it.  I thought he was only joking,” Sarah said.  “He had attempted suicide in the past but, I was always there to stop him.”

During his last attempt, however, Sarah was not around after she walked out on him and moved to her mother-in-laws house next door to defuse a heated argument triggered by the victim’s paranoia and emotional problems.

“He has these paranoid thoughts about me marrying another man brought about by a dream he had.  He worries about bad people breaking into the house and hurting us.  He magnifies his fears of small things that drove him to drink.  He has become a drunkard because of his fears,” Sarah added.  “Before he killed himself, he threatened me that if ever he dies, he’s going to haunt me forever.  He said he will never let me sleep again for the rest of my life.”

Sarah tearfully confirmed that her husband’s paranoia must have been triggered by his obsession over a cult that he and his father had joined in Samar a few years after they got married.

The widow said that at around 1:00 p.m. on the same day her husband killed himself, she, her four-year-old daughter and her sister-in-law Jessa heard his voice all over their house sobbing and calling out to her and his eldest son Lexie.

Lexie, who was his father’s favorite, was able to talk to the unseen voice, reporting later to his mother about his Papa’s message.

“My son said that his Papa loves us so much and he didn’t intend to commit suicide,” Sarah said.

Sarah said that she’s afraid  that his dead husband might make true his curse, revealing that she had not slept ever since he died because his ghostly voice kept calling her name and sobbing at her ear.

“He woke me up at four in the morning the next day after he died,” the widow said while cradling her six-month old baby daughter.  “He might never stop.”

Sarah revealed that her husband might have prayed the cult’s special prayer before he committed suicide that further strengthened his curse on her.  She said that Lito would pray this prayer every Tuesdays and Fridays before a tiny image that looked like Jesus Christ drawn in black ink.

Sarah blamed her husband’s paranoia and death on the cult’s influence.


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