LRay launches El Verde, seeks to plant 12M trees

PILI, Camarines Sur – In yet another hallmark initiative typical of Governor LRay Villafuerte’s brand of local governance, Camarines Sur is launching a project of gargantuan magnitude and impact – plant at least 12 million trees by year 2012 – that will be the province’s contribution to the world move to preserve and protect the environment.

The project will involve mobilizing, during the formal launching of the El Verde Movement on Feb. 23, some 10,000 residents from the 1,036 barangays of 35 towns and two cities of the province to plant fruit-bearing and commercial trees at the rate of 500,000 in an hour.

This unprecedented show of unity will be a message to the world that if CamSur can do it, so can all the other local government units if we want to preserve and protect the environment, Villafuerte said.

The venture will have mammoth nursery operation to provide materials, especially native tree species for massive “rainforestation”, riverbank and lakeside protection, mangrove and beaches protection and urban greening.

The provincial government is enjoining families to enlist in the operations whereby each family will be assigned a particular area to plant and subsequently maintain a minimum of 2,500 trees for two years.

Families joining the campaign who will have a free hand in choosing the planting scheme of their choice will receive assistance in the form of food packages and free educational subsidy for elementary and high school age family members and each participating family will be automatically enrolled in the PhilHealth Indigency Program.

Participating families may also plant cash crop in their assigned areas during the two-year maintenance program.

Under the educational subsidy package, schooling family members may also choose the best educational scheme that will be based on the number of trees planted and maintained with discounts that can go as high as 50 percent  to 100 percent of regular tuition fees.

Private partners, particularly corporate sponsors, may also join the program.  All they have to do is pledge a donation that will correspond to the number of trees they wish planted and the provincial government will allocate the plantation site that shall be named after the corporate sponsor.

The provincial government in cooperation with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will undertake the maintenance and supervision of the site.

As added commitment, the provincial government pledges to sponsor and support 10 indigent scholars for every 2,500 trees planted under the public-private partnership arrangement.

Described as CamSur Green Legacy to the world, the El Verde Movement may well place the province of CamSur in the Guinness Book of World Records and is envisioned to make the Philippines the Green Capital of Asia. –GBClaveria


One response to “LRay launches El Verde, seeks to plant 12M trees

  1. Hi! I’d like to know if you have contact info for any of the organizers. This is a very good initiative, and I would like to help. Other provinces in the Philippines should also be involved.

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