Going Abroad?

Opinions Unlimited

by Atty. Tony(APA) Acyatan (Atty. APA – chairman of Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is PICPA past national president and Accountancy Hall-of-Famer, and past chairman of ASEAN Federation of CPAs).

UNEMPLOYMENT:  Global statistics show that the more industrialized countries (where Pinoy OFWs are believed to be receiving much in terms of peso equivalent salaries) are still reeling from high rates of idle manpower.  As a result, their legislative councils mandated business and industry to prefer their own nationals in the hiring of workers.  This information is vital for our kababayans intending to go abroad to look for jobs.  It will be doubly hard especially for those who try their luck as tourists.

Just like that of the United States – countries of the European Union have yet to solve their unemployment problems brought about by the global economic crisis.  The idle manpower ratio in Europe becomes higher and more complex with the entry into the Union of some developing countries like Poland, Greece and Estonia.  Filipinos should think twice before venturing into those areas in search of the proverbial pot of gold.

TRAINING:  Everywhere our fellow Pinoys go – they are commended for their perseverance, hard work and willingness to work extra hours.  The other positive finding is that our OFWs are trainable – more so for promotional positions.  Whereas before – many of our export workers are domestic helpers and laborers, the present crop of OFWs are in professional fields, more so in medical care and hospitals.

For other technical jobs – including those for drivers, welders, carpenters and other manual labor, there is a need for our departing workers to undergo more intensive training in their lines of work.  They must also be given culture orientation to prevent possible social problems as they associate with their new co-workers.  Situational aberrations also come about when the machines our workers were trained on turned out to be old models while those assigned to them to operate are modern versions.

TESDA:  I heard over the radio that the TESDA now headed by Sec. Joel Villanueva is working on the upgraded training of drivers of buses and other types of bigger vehicles.  There is a counterpart suggestion from the bus companies for the government to just support them in their “Train the Trainors” program and once they have their own expert teachers – they can manage their own company training schemes.

It is about time that our youth be continually oriented on the honor and worth of blue-collar jobs.  Our educational system has been so framed that almost all college students look forward to getting white-collar employment after college.  There is misconception that technical jobs are less-paying.  Another wrong notion is that the less mentally-endowed have no recourse but to take up technical courses and eventually take up manual jobs.  We should rectify these erroneous ideas.

INFLATION:  It is expected that our inflation rate for year 2010 will be higher than that of 2009.  So also, the rate for this year (2011) will be more than 4%.  Opinions Unlimited’s guess is that it may even be higher than that – as we watch cost of fuel and basic commodities consistently go up.  Transport fares will definitely be more and the final “nail” will be the demand for higher wages, hence it will be harder for our business owners to balance their revenues and costs.

One way to fight inflation is to raise interest rates on borrowings.  That means that again, business and industry will have to shoulder the financial costs.  So they might increase the prices of their products to remain profitable.  The hurting cycle will finally hit the consumers who will buy the goods with increased prices.  So how do we remedy this?  The only recourse is thrift – on everything.  There is a saying in the vernacular:  “Kung maliit ang kumlot, ay ‘di mamaluktot”.

THOUGHTS:  Let’s buy only what we need; and if these are costly, to further reduce our needs.


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