Security Issues

Opinions Unlimited

by Atty. Tony(APA) Acyatan (Atty. APA – chairman of Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International is PICPA past national president and Accountancy Hall-of-Famer, and past chairman of ASEAN Federation of CPAs).

LOSERS:  The “real” problem with our justice system is that in most cases, there are winners as there are losers.  Seldom do litigations become “win-win” situations.  Since there are those who find themselves beaten by the issues as evidenced by the evaluation of either the prosecutor (during the preliminary investigation) or the judge (after the elongated trials), hatred (or “hinanakit”) against the decision-makers is a natural aftermath.

When these come about – the deep hatred graduates to planned vengeance.  Threats against the person of the prosecutor or judge (including his/her family) come about.  It’s good if the threats are simply aired; what are dangerous are those that are usually endorsed by syndicates to “executioners”.  Indeed, we have fellow Filipinos who accept shoot-to-kill “contracts” without inquiring on the circumstances, egged on only by the petty financial considerations.

TARGETS:  With the kind of peace and order environment prevailing hereabouts – death threats can be easily pursued by unlawful elements – almost without fear of detection and with impunity.  Newspaper items carry the statistics on “performances”. The best approach seems to be for the targets to get scarce – by changing their day-to-day program of work, social and family activities.  It is equivalent to supreme sacrifice – but the price is never too much if it is your very life that is at stake.

This column supports the government program not only to arm our prosecutors and judges but also to train them in protecting themselves and their family members.  The potential targets are advised against moving around at night – and for them to frequently change their travel routes.  The police should request their neighbors to report to them any suspicious persons or activities in the targets’ residences and offices!

REVAMP?  The clamor for an early cabinet revamp evidently comes from the opposition or eager beavers seeking jobs.  The president is right in deciding against any such organizational realignment.  As we read  P-Noy’s mind – changes may be done in May 2011.  By then, P-Noy’s political allies who ran and lost last May will be eligible for appointment.  It’s too soon to gauge the performance of the new secretaries and their underlings.

In fact, most of the cabinet members are not even half-way in their reorganizations of their departmental turfs.  So those on the job are still mostly remnants of the deposed Arroyo administration.  Revamp thjs early will be taken to mean by the public as “admission” by the government top honcho that his choices of lieutenants were not well-studied.  Sir –  let your critics howl; and cheer your men to just perform their jobs.

INFLATION:  Economists predict that our November inflation rate is down to 2.5%, even as the index for consumer prices is projected at 2.3%.  At the center of this financial development is the steady rise of the peso value against the US Dollar (now below P44) which cushions consumer against the gradual increase in global commodity prices.  If not for the stronger Philippine peso – our cost of gas and oil will be higher.

The lower inflation rate somehow exacerbates the miseries of the OFW beneficiaries.  They are now getting lesser pesos for every dollar remitted by their bread-earners from abroad.  The natural cap on consumer prices favorably mitigates the reduction of their peso receipts.  Also – we don’t advise them to hold on to their foreign money.  The dollar-peso rate is expected to decelerate further, at least up to the early weeks of the following year.

LESSON:  Looking at my past – it was not the years in my life that mattered – rather, it was the life in my years that count.

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