Drug abuse victims find solace in LIFE Counselling Center

By Lizel S. Macatangay

NAGA CITY – As he takes the lead in bringing to the fore primary services for his people, Naga City Chief Executive John Bongat embarks on a more compassionate way of providing assistance to the less fortunate victims of drug abuse by establishing the LIFE Counselling Center.

This endeavour, launched a few months back, have already gained positive remarks from the city’s constituents having served as a refuge for those who are trying to find their way back and return to their normal lives. Here, clients are assured of confidentiality while they are undergoing free counselling treatment by competent counsellors.

A continuing realization of Mayor Bongat’s resolution when he was still a City Councillor, the act also known as City Ordinance No. 2001-065 also wishes to help drug users who have not yet reached the stage of drug dependence to mend their ways. They will be referred to the appropriate government agencies for rehabilitation.

Other clients can also be referred to the Naga City Dangerous Drug Board (NCDDB) thru its Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Committee for other appropriate treatments.  NCDDB takes the task of managing the Life Counselling Center and was constituted to coordinate and implement the various projects and activities under the city’s comprehensive drug abuse program.

NCDBB is composed of a policy-making, monitoring and coordinating body whose main task is to create recommendations to prevent and control drug abuse in the city.  They are also mandated to enforce programs and put into effect solutions to the problems of drug abuse.

Mayor John  Bongat serves as the Board’s Chairman while City Councilor Raoul Rosales, sits as NCDBB’s Presiding Officer.

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