Naga opens counseling center for drug victims

Anchored on the value of compassion for victims of drug abuse and as a support mechanism for those who are concerned with the predicament of drug addicts, the city government under Mayor John G. Bongat launched the LIFE Counselling Center.

The center offers a more personalized face-to-face interaction with volunteer counsellors.

The creation of a LIFE Counseling Center is made possible through City Ordinance No.2001-065 authored by Mayor John Bongat  city when he was a councillor.

It calls for the establishment and operation of a center that shall provide “confidential, competent, and reliable counselling services to drug users who have not yet reached the stage of drug addiction or dependence and are ready and willing to totally abandon drugs and return to normal life.”

The center provides the following services: (1) free, confidential, competent and reliable counselling to drug users, particularly those who have not yet reached the stage of drug dependence; (2) refer to appropriate government agencies for rehabilitation, after compliance with procedural and judicial requirements, clients who can no longer be treated by means of counselling; and (3) recommend to the Naga City Dangerous Drugs Board (NCDDB) such measures to improve the services.

The operations of the LIFE Counseling Center shall be managed and supported by the NCDDB through its Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Committee.


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