Dato launches feeding program in Pasacao


PASACAO, Camarines Sur — Camarines Sur 2nd District Representative Diosdado “Dato” Arroyo launched another health program bent on improving the well-being and health condition of his constituents  particularly undernourished children from this town.

Arroyo’s  supplemental feeding program will benefit some 296 pre school children coming from eight barangays here, namely: Caranan, San Cirilo, Sta. Rosa Del Norte, Balogo, Quitang, Itolan, Bahay, and Cuco.

Pasacao Mayor Asuncion V. Arceno said that this endeavor will help not only the malnourished children in her town but their families as well. This will be through the provision of add-ons intertwined in three components: the feeding program itself, parent education, and livelihood opportunities for the beneficiaries.

Arroyo has championed the cause of his constituents through the  implementation of his platforms and developmental thrusts popularly known as T.K.O. which stands for Tubig, Kalye at Oportunidad.

The TKO  has benefited many coastal barangays and has won the hearts of Arroyo’s constituents in spite of his being new in the public service arena

Former Lupi Mayor Bobby Matamorosa, now serving as Congressman Arroyo’s district officer said that the program was initiated by Arroyo to help alleviate the condition of undernourished children in the town of Pasacao.

“This program is different from the usual supplemental feeding undertaking that most of the barangays are doing. This is not a one shot deal endeavor since its accompanying activities will be continuously implemented within the next six months, from Monday to Saturday, to help arrest malnutrition of preschool children.

Pacacao ranks fourth among the list of municipalities with the biggest number of malnourished children.

The project, funded by the Philippine GoodWork Mission Foundation will be working hand in hand with the Office of Congressman Dato Arroyo, the local government of Pasacao, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Bicol.

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