UNEP Chorale joins star-studded cast of Simon’s Way

IRIGA CITY —-  Lucidly setting another mark of its out of the box repertoire, the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) Chorale will once again wow its followers with its much awaited performance in a cine musical, dubbed as one of the best theatrical event ever to be shown in the region.

“Simon’s Way”, a perfect blend of cinematic production and theatrical rendition will be in town in time for the wrapping up of the 300 years of devotion to our Lady of Penafrancia, a fitting tribute to our lady who deserve no less than the best her devotees can give.

Freddie Dimadura, the cine-musical’s director, composer and arranger is himself a devotee who have thought of putting into a melodramatic scenario Simon’s journey as he walked thru the rubbles of faith in search for the miraculous image of Ina.

Dimadura created a long list of performers and came with a shortlist of putting the best theatre players in line, including the world renowned UNEP Chorale.

UNEP Chorale is a recipient of the Highest Silver Diploma Award in the 4th World Choir Games held in Xiamen , China in 2006.  In 2008, it brought home another honor after grabbing the top plum in the 2008 Hongkong International Youth and Children’s Festival held in Hongkong’s Cultural Center .

The creation of the UNEP Chorale is Miss Deli Alfelor-Tibi’s brainchild. A music lover herself, the energetic Executive Vice President and concurrently the university’s VP For Finance have thought of sharing her brilliant reflection and have wondrously created a singing fleet which have already conquered not only its local viewers but have also captured the international scene.

“These successful feats were only few of the things that we are truly proud of but I think the most significant gain that we have achieved is the fact that we Bicolanos can also be at par with the best and great performers in the world.” Tibi said in an interview.

Atty. Remelisa Alfelor-Moraleda, UNEP President is also ecstatic with the inclusion of UNEP Chorale in the cast.

“I have great devotion to our Lady of Penafrancia, just like the rest of my family who also have a great attachment to endeavors like this.  I have also heard great things about Freddie Dimadura, one of the great composers of our time, who is also known for his international achievements in line with directing. Combining these thoughts, I can proudly say that UNEP Chorale really have already set its name in the realm of the music industry.”

Simon’s Way will be staged at the University of Northeastern Philippines on March 28.  Other performers who will surely light the spark of excitement for the viewers would be Cocoy Laurel, Jenine Desiderio, Cris Villongco, Broadway singer Jon Joven and band vocalist Nicol Asencio, PGT Finalist Jelyn Oliva , Raymond Roldan and our very own singing priests; Fr. Lou An Jarcia and Fr. Fidel Bagayawa.

A venture of the Archdiocese of Caceres in cooperation with Our Lady of Fatima Association, Simon’s Way will be a showcase, not only of great actors and theater performers but of the rich inheritance of religiosity that we Bicolanos continue to cherish and keep, particularly as Marian devotees.


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